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Dyson DC40 Review – With It’s Many Benefits

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Ever since Dyson created its first model, the DC01, it has been at the forefront of vacuum cleaner technology. The DC40 vacuum cleaner is a clear example of that technology and its features will speak highly of itself.

Size and Weight

Weighing 6.6 kilograms with dimensions of 31 x 35 x107 cm, the Dyson DC40 is very convenient to use. Carrying it up and down the stairs will Dyson DC40 - Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleanernot be such a tiring task that even small ladies will be able to manage it just fine. The size of the vacuum cleaner is not only a factor in handling it, but also in its storage. If your storage space for cleaning materials in your home is not the large, then you need a vacuum cleaner that can easily fit there. Canister-type vacuum cleaners are actually more convenient to store that is why some consumers prefer them. However, with the dimensions of the DC40, you will see that even this upright-type will not be hogging too much space on your storage cabin

Radial Root Cyclone and Ball Technology

As mentioned, Dyson is known for its innovations in the technology of vacuum cleaners and two of its latest technologies are present in the DC40, namely tDyson DC40 Multi Floor Ball Technologyhe Radial Root Cyclone and the Ball technology. The Radial Root Cyclone is designed to preserve air pressure so that the suction power is not compromised even when trapped dirt accumulates inside the vacuum cleaner. As you all know, when using a vacuum cleaner, trapped dust particles will eventually clog the filter and that will lessen the suction power, but with Radial Root Cyclone, airflow is maximized to prevent this. Therefore, your vacuum cleaner will still be running efficiently. The Ball technology, on the other hand, pertains to the design of the DC40 where most of its major components are placed inside the ball. As a result, the machine has a more streamlined look. The less bulk, the easier you can steer it to those tight corners.




Self-Adjusting Head

If you were used to running vacuum cleaners that need to be adjusted for different types of floors, you will be highly pleased to know that the DC40 has a self-adjusting head. This means that you no longer have to push any buttons or tweak any settings as you glide the machine on various types of floors. Its active base plate will automatically adjust to maintain close contact on the floor’s surface, thus allowing for better removal of dirt.

Attachable Hose and Wand

This model also comes with a wand that is already attached to its body, so there is no need to go through the trouble of attaching and detachingDyson DC40 - Detachable wand it with every use. It instantly releases and can extend to five times its length, where maximum reach is 12 meters. The cord length of the machine itself is already 7.5 meters, so if you can basically clean stairs without the need to carry the machine up the steps. In addition, the DC40 has a combination tool and a stair tool that you can attach to the nozzle of the wand for effective cleaning of the corners of your stairs or for dusting hard to reach areas.

“A” Energy Rating

The DC40 has been given an “A” rating, which means that it is highly efficient. Running at 700 watts, with a suction power of 187 air watts, it was calculated that you will be using 26 kWh/annum if you do 50 cleaning each year. Speaking of wattage, a high-wattage motor does not always indicate a better performance. It still depends on the suction power, which in this case is greatly improved with the Radial Root Cyclone Technology. Furthermore, its efficiency does not only pertain to the way the input energy is effectively used without wastage, but also in the fact that this model has no disposable bags or filters that also contributes to wastage of resources.

Safe to Use for People with Allergies

The airtight design and the efficient cyclone of the DC40 ensures that all dust particles collected in the bin stay there and are not expelled back to the surrounding. With filters that can trap particles that are 0.5 microns in size, you can be assured that mold, pollen, and bacteria will be effectively removed from your home with each cleaning.


Easy Cleaning

The dust bin of the DC40 can store up to 1.6 liters in volume. Furthermore, its filters are washable, so all you have to do is release the bin when it is full, throw its content, wash the filter, and push it back to its place. Another good feature is the transparent design of the bin. This makes it easier for you to see if it already needs to be emptied.

5 Year Guarantee

Dyson 5 Year Guarantee



Dyson offer five years guarantee on parts and labor. This is a clear indication of the company’s confidence on its product. Dyson have tested its vacuum cleaners to withstand the rigorous demands of regular cleaning and they are confident that their machines will still be performing well after five years. Other brands cannot offer this type of guarantee. For the part of the consumers, this will give you peace of mind and keep you free from worrying about the cost of having your vacuum cleaner repaired for the next five years.

Pros and Cons

Basing on the reviews given by current owners of this machine, roughly 85% are pleased with this machine. Most are repeat customers who have upgraded to the DC40 from previous models. As usual, they are pleased with their purchase because of the manageable weight of the machine, its strong suction power, easy assembly, hassle-free cleaning, and its efficiency to remove pet hairs. Even first-time users of Dyson are amazed that a machine that is so light can be very effective at cleaning because previous assumptions was the heavier the vacuum cleaner, the better. Perhaps the most common praise from users pertains to the good performance in suctioning small particles and its light weight that makes it easy even for old people to use.

Unfortunately, there are those who are a bit disappointed with their purchase. The common reason for this was the small dust bin that fills up fast and the hose that is a bit difficult to handle. The small bin is a compromise that comes with the design because it was meant to be less cumbersome and easier to store. A good solution is to buy another bin that you can use while you are waiting for the other to dry after cleaning. The amount of dust particles and dirt in the area that is to be cleaned also is a factor here. The good thing is, as mentioned above, it is very easy to clean the bin since you do not have to change the filter every single time. As for the hose, it does tighten when the machine is turned on due to the suction power that goes through the line. A bit of maneuvering will be able to solve the problem.



Review Ratings



Dyson DC40 Multi Floor Review 4.2

As you can see, the pros of the Dyson DC40 far outweigh the cons and that is clearly attested to by current owners. This simply means that the design and technology of this upright vacuum cleaner work as promised to make cleaning your homes easier, faster, and more convenient.


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