Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Mop Review

Vax S86-SF-CCThe Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Mop is arguably the most well-known steam mop at the moment. This award-winning steam floor cleaner is capable of tackling stubborn grime and stains on nearly every kind of floor surface. It is one of the bestselling steam cleaners in many parts of the world as it is reasonably priced and it is easy to use.

There are mixed consumer reviews regarding the model. Even so, it seems that the majority are very happy with the product, and Amazon customers rate it 4.4/5 at time of writing this article, making it one of the top contenders, and top 10 best seller.

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Features of Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh

  • The equipment comes with steam and harmless detergent technology to eliminate tough stains, dirt and grime leaving floors looking great and smelling fresh.
  • The handheld technology allows for a more thorough cleaning above the floor surfaces.
  • Has a pointed head to enable users clean hard to reach areas.
  • The steamer comes with 2 year UK warrantee.


  • Lightweight – weighs 3.7 Kg
  • It is a multifunctional machine
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small water storage capacity

The Vax S86 steam Mop can give any floor a more thorough cleaning job than a conventional mop. While this is one of its major selling Vax S86-SF-CC -shower head cleanningpoints, it has a very low water storage capacity of 2.6 litres. Indeed it is one of the steam cleaners with a small water tank. This means that the user will need to refill it frequently unless he or she has a small area to clean. This is the main flaw which  left consumers not so happy with their purchase.

While only a few people seemed to be unhappy with their Vax S86 Steam Mop, the majority were very happy with design and performance of the mop. They admitted that it did an incredible job. Without doubt, using this steam mop is better than using conventional mops to clean the floor. However, some experts feel that there are plenty of better options out there apart from Vax S86.

One consumer from says that the best thing about this steam cleaner is the fact that if one wants to clean out the most stubborn dirt and grime, he or she can use it as a handheld steam mop. On the other hand, if one wishes to clean other surfaces apart from the floors, he or she can convert the steamer into an upright steam mop. There are a few attachments that will need to be used depending on the surface where one wants to clean. The ability of the mop to multitask helps the user to complete a variety of cleaning tasks at the same time.

Vax S86 Steam Mop with 1600 W power plus cable is sufficient to eliminate stubborn grease, grime and dirt. The Vax Buy it Nowhigh temperature will dissolve them, thereby making them easier to remove. The system is also capable of killing harmful bacteria, allergens, mite and other allergy causing microorganisms. It is worth mentioning that it is absolutely chemical free, meaning it is eco-friendly. In other words, it uses harmless detergents to kill bacteria and other harmful microbes. Besides, it is capable of removing foul smell.

The cleaner can clean a wide range of surfaces including sinks, fabrics, upholstery, ceramic tile floors, sealed wood floors, vinyl floors, showers and so forth. The angular head is designed to clean hard-to-reach spots. Consumers agree that the device is very fast as it only requires 30 seconds to heat up the steam.



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Adjusting the steam cleaner so that the appropriate amount of steam can be achieved is also possible. Different clean tasks will require different amounts of steam. For instance, cleaning the floor will require a lot of steam whilst cleaning fabrics will need less steam.

Vax S86-SF-CC -kitchen cleanningThe product comes with two years warranty in UK and will come supplied with different accessories such as brushes, cloth pads and so forth.

Though the item aforementioned has mixed reviews, it is safe to say that it is certainly worth purchasing. It is a great steam mop for the price. As the saying goes, you get what they pay for and despite a few negative reviews regarding the equipment, it is still a practical option.

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  • Stephen Wade says:

    Customer Reveiw of Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Mop
    I recently purchased this model online having read in reviews that it was the best on the market.
    My principal reason for buying this was my carpets. I am very disappointed: after many tanks of water (steam) and hours of rubbing it to and fro I see little, if any, significant difference to the carpets.
    As far as the removal of grime is concerned, it does nothing that could not have been done more simply and with less fuss with a bowl of hot soapy water and conventional a cloth or mop.
    The only benefit I have seen is in the removal of grime from upholstery – but nothing that could not have been done by other means and not enough to merit the cost of the appliance.

    If I had known how ineffectual this product is I would never have bought it. As far as I am concerned it is a waste of my time and money.

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