Bissell PowerFresh Review

Bissell Powerfresh zoomWhen it comes to steam mops experts always recommend the Bissell Powerfresh brand. Many people also believe the Bissell steam cleaner is best purchase with its many positive customer reviews. The steam cleaning system is a very powerful cleaning tool and it is ideal for a wide range of hard floor surfaces including wood, tile, ceramic and concrete floorings.

It can also be used on fabrics but a special attachment may be required to do so. The Bissell is a very effective steamer and it is capable of breaking down stubborn stains, dirt and grime. It comes complete with microfiber pads and other essential accessories.

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Features of Bissell Fresh Steam Mop

  • Easy to use and can stretch to the crevices and grout
  • Can be adjusted to the required level
  • Comes with a fragrance disc that can be inserted in the microfiber pad for a nice smell or scent whilst cleaning
  • Has a removable tank
  • Angular heard designed for cleaning edges, corners and other hard to reach areas


  • Lightweight
  • Allows the user to choose the amount of steam he or she wants to use
  • Digital control
  • It only takes 30 seconds for the machine to heat up
  • Comes with an incredible 1600W of power


  • Small water tank
  • Limited operating radius
  • May not be able to multitask

Bissell PowerfreshWith that said, the Bissell steam mops are unquestionably one of the best steam cleaners around the moment. Bissell is a reputed company that is renowned for offering quality house cleaning products. They are committed to help homeowners make their homes cleaner and hygienic. The company has been in the cleaning industry for more than a century, and it is certainly a trusted brand in the market. The company has created many vacuum cleaners but this time round they decided to come up with Bissell Power Fresh steam Mop.

The Bissell mop provides a powerful and fast way of keeping surfaces clean and fresh. As mentioned earlier, the steam cleaner is designed to tackle a wide range of floor surfaces, be it vinyl floors, sealed wood floors, tiled floors, or carpeted floors. The item is chemical free as it does not make use of harmful detergents to clean the floor surfaces. Rather, the equipment uses high steam temperature and natural sanitizers to kill harmful microbes.

Among one of the biggest downsides users of the Bissell Power Fresh steam mop experienced was its water tank. Many consumers feel that the water tank is a little small. The system comes with a water tank that can only hold 0.44 litres, meaning the user will be required to refill it frequently. This is especially true if one is cleaning a bigger room.

Bissell power fresh steamer functions with an amazing 1600w power, which is reasonable. The high wattage power is capable of tackling even the hardest stains and grime in the kitchen. The extremely high steam temperature also creates a harsh environment for the survival of harmful germs, bacteria and other allergy causing micro-organism. Customers seemed to be happy with how the system is easy to use. They also expressed a lot of interest in the mop as it is environmentally friendly.

Bissell Powerfresh 3One reviewer from Amazon says and I quote “this is easy to use and easy to refill…” She adds that the steam smells lovely. Most reviewers agree that this is a mop cleaner that comes with all the primary features that a person would expect form a steam mop. This is one of the most affordable steam mops, and it is usually sold around £100.

Like other similar steam mops in the market, Bissell model takes about 30 seconds to heat up. The water holding capacity allows for approximately 15 minutes of thorough steam cleaning, which may not sound enough for some people. In addition, the system failed when it comes to the cleaning radius with only 5.5 metres operation. This means that the machine is not ideal for larger rooms.

Bissell Powerfresh 4The body weight is 2.8 Kg, therefore, it is safe to say that the equipment is light and hence, easy to carry around the room. Also, one can choose to use a long cable, which will allow him or her to clean multiple rooms without having to carry the equipment.

Bissell Power Fresh steam mops are somewhat popular among budget minded individuals or those with small rooms to clean. For those with large spaces to clean, this model might not be sufficient enough as the water holding capacity is quite limited. On the whole, you wont go far wrong with the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop.

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