Neato Robotics XV Signature Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Neato Robotics XV : Is the Future of Vacuuming here?

4.7 Star review rating

Neato Robotics has made at least six (6) different models of robot vacuum cleaners to boot.  As you know, the earlier models were even made available in the European markets.  What is good about this company is that they rightfully and progressively keep on making innovations on these products.   This is probably why they are now able to compete with the IRobotics’ Roomba.  They are able to come up with better versions each time.  Here are the four (4) products that are out in the market today:?

Neato Robotics XV Signature

XV Signature

  • Neato XV Essential – the budget friendly robot vacuum and comes with a standard filter, blade brush, boundary marker and a charging station. Price Guide: £229.
  • Neato XV Signature – best for picking up dust and allergens and comes with a high performance filter, blade brush, boundary marker and a charging station. Price Guide: £269.
  • Neato XV-21 – best robot vacuum for picking up pet hair and it comes with 2 brushes (combo and blade) and 1 high performance filter and a charging station. Price Guide : £289
  • Neato XV Signature Pro – similar to the Neato XV Signature with 2 and it comes with 2 brushes (combo and blade), 2 high performance filters and a charging station. Price Guide: £359


It’s all about additional attachments.

If you look at it, the basic package for all four includes Blade Brush, Filter, Boundary Markers and the Charging Station. The price differential in each depends on the additional attachments that come with each model.  There is either one extra combo brush or one high performance filter added in.  All these products come with a one (1) year warranty program.

Boundary Markers

Neato Robotics XV Boundary Marker

Boundary Marker

Boundary Markers are used to outline the areas that you would want cleaned.  These are similar to the magnetic stripes or the barrier modules offered by other companies.  In essence, you are marking the boundary as have cords or low hanging curtains that are in the way.  The Boundary Markers that come with the package are 13 feet long (4 meters).

All the Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners are shaped flat in front and round at the back.  The flat shape allows the machines to effectively clean the corners and the round rear design allows it to back up in tight areas.  The chassis is located at top portion of these vacuum cleaners. The chassis enables the machine to scan an area with a 360 degree vision or coverage of the room.

The Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners all have the patented laser technology that provides its scanning availability to map out the room to be cleaned.  Once the machine gets the full area, it goes about cleaning the room methodically.  This laser technology is what it makes it a smart machine.  With its cliff sensor, it also detects where the stairs are, so they know not to fall down the stairs too. The robot vacuum cleaner starts with cleaning the perimeter of the room first and then, goes about cleaning the inside of the perimeter in straight lines, going row by row.  It creates about an inch overlap each time, so it comes out like the area is cleaned twice.

Charging Station

The charging station for these vacuum cleaners comes in 110-220 volts.  Should you want it in a higher voltage (e.g. 240 v), it is also possible to convert it to the required voltage.  The charging base station is designed to easily fit on a side wall.  The batteries of the vacuum cleaners are made of NiMH batteries that are rechargeable.  Being a smart machine, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically goes back to the charging station when the battery runs low.  Once it is fully charged, the robot resumes its cleaning job, starting from where it left off.

When it finishes one room, it automatically goes to the next room to clean it.  It also senses whether it is carpet or wood floor and adjusts itself.  You can either change the brush accordingly or let it go as is.  There is a screen menu on top where you can press the button to start and likewise program the daily cleaning schedule you want.

The Neato vacuum cleaners are approximately 8.6 lbs (4 kg) and with its aerodynamic design, the height is about 50mm (5cm).  The batteries should be charged for 2-3 hours each time.  Like any other electronic, the batteries need to be fully charged and drained as well to optimize its use.  Since it is automatic, the machine knows whenever it is ready for the next cleaning job.  For your information, one good run of the vacuum cleaner is about 90 minutes.



Neato Robotics XV Signature Filter

Unlike the upright vacuum, there is no cylinder bag needed, rather it has a dirt bin that easily pops out when you need to empty it.  You just lift it up and off it goes.  The filter and the brush are bigger than the usual, thus it can pick up more dirt. The filter is good for 1-2 months depending on the use. These filters are also washable and you can keep reusing them.

If you are looking for your own robot vacuum cleaner for your home, theNeato Robotics XV Signatureis the best choice in the market today.  By comparison, it has the strongest suction among the products available.


It has outperformed the competition in almost all of the cleaning tests. For the record, Roomba only tested better than Neato XV Signature Pro when it came to picking up rice particles and the mix of sawdust and sand.  Since regular households do not really have these particles in their homes, thus, that advantage is really not that significant.  But in all the cleaning tests done, the Neato XV Signature blew the competition out of the water.

All of the Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners are simple to use and user friendly.  You just push the orange button to turn it on.  You also can plan a week schedule by entering the days you want it to clean your rooms.  The good thing about this product is that the robot software can also be upgraded.  The boundary markers are also easy to use, rather than the electronic barrier modules used by others.  You need not to worry about having extra batteries for said module in the middle of a cleaning run.


Here are the pros and cons received from the consumers re the Neato XV Signature Pro vacuum cleaners:


  • user friendly
  • smart machine, scans and systematically cleans
  • efficiently covers the edges and corners
  • sturdy and well built
  • good value for the price
  • low maintenance vacuum cleaner, no bags just dirt bins
  • upgradeable software


  • no remote control
  • noisy, it is the loudest robot vacuum cleaner
  • boring machine
  • 90 minute cleaning vs. 2-3 hours recharging
  • not designed for heavy debris
  • small dirt bins
  • slow moving machine



4.7 Star review rating

If you weigh the pros and cons above, you will come to the conclusion that the positive attributes outweigh the negative ones.  The one thing that should be clear here is that the available robot vacuum cleaners at this time are not to replace the upright vacuum cleaners.  These are not designed to be used for heavy cleaning, rather, it is for daily upkeep or sweeping of your home.

Since these machines are small, there will always be some liability for its size.  The noise reduction is something that can definitely be worked on in the future.  The best thing about Neato Robotics is that they are constantly working on towards the improvement of the robot vacuum cleaners.  One good selling point of Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners is that you can upgrade its software – better things are yet to come.  It will not be farfetched in the future to finally have a robot vacuum cleaner replace the upright vacuum cleaners.