Best Carpet Cleaner Machines 2017 – Top 10 UK Models

You can keep the carpets in your home clean and smelling nice by investing in a carpet cleaner, giving you a far better and deeper clean than a traditional Vacuum Cleaner. Carpets are prone to picking up all sorts of dirt and grime, and if they are not cleaned regularly, they can start emitting an unpleasant smell that makes your home feel dirty. And once stains set, they can be very difficult to remove, sometimes requiring a professional carpet cleaning service which can often be costly.

Best Carpet Cleaner Machines Top 10 UK Models

So what is the best carpet cleaner?

It ultimately depends on your particular requirements, but below are some of the important features that you should consider and look out for when doing your shopping:


  • A large water tank. This can be a time-saving feature since you don’t need to empty and refill the tank as often, but on the other hand, a bigger tank adds more weight to the machine, making it more difficult to handle. It is up to you to find the right balance.
  • Extra attachments. These additional tools give versatility to your carpet cleaner by allowing you to clean upholstery as well as narrow spaces and stairs.
  • Powered brushes. While this is not necessarily a deal-breaker when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner, it is incredibly convenient since it makes it easier to scrub out deep-seated dirt from the carpet.
  • Powerful suction. This feature is essential since it allows you to quickly suction water from your carpet so it dries faster. In addition, you can also use the carpet cleaner to suction flooded water from your floors, i.e. if your washing machine overflows.
  • A long power cord. This makes it easier to clean carpets if you have to cover a large area. Ideally, the best carpet cleaner should have a cord length of at least five meters.
  • A lengthy warranty. The carpet cleaner should come with at least a one-year warranty, to ensure that you are protected in case there is something wrong with the machine.

Top 10 – Best Carpet Cleaners for 2015

Product ImageModel NameKey FeaturePrice RangeReview Rating
Product ImageModel NameKey FeaturePrice RangeReview Rating
Vax 6131T 3-in-1 MultivaxBest for Value

Under £100


Vax W90-RU-B Rapide UltraBest Wet Only

Under £125


Vax V-124A Dual V UprightBest Model for Stairs

Under £150


Bissell Cleanview ProheatBest for Allergies

Under £300


Bissell Cleanview QuickwashBest Lightweight Model

Under £120


Bissell Cleanview PowerbrushEasiest Fill & Empty

Under £200


Bissell Cleanview Deep CleanBuilt in Water Heater

Under £300


Bissell 22K7E Cleanview Lift OffIdeal for Car & Home

Under £300


Rug Doctor X3 Mighty ProProfessional Choice

Under £450


Numatic George GVE370Best All in One

Under £200


Best Value Carpet Cleaner: 

Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax 

This is a very affordable machine that is ideal for basic home carpet cleaning as well as suctioning spills and dry vacuuming. The 6131T Multivax have five caster wheels as well as a compact tub design that makes it very maneuverable and easy to move around while you’re cleaning. It also has a 7.5 meter power cord that gives the carpet cleaner a cleaning width of 27 centimeters, as well as a hose length of 2.5 meters giving it a cleaning reach of 18 meters. And it is covered by an extended two-year UK warranty.

The 6131T features a powerful vacuum cleaner with a ten-liter bag that allows you to vacuum for longer periods before you have to empty the bag. And it is easy to empty, making it very hygienic and safe to use if you happen to be sensitive to dust and dirt.

The 6131T also has a large capacity water tank with a clean water capacity of 4 litres and dirty water capacity the same, as well as a proprietary Fibreflow wash tool for easy shampooing of your carpets. And since it has a powerful suction head and an eight litre wet capacity, it is easy to suction water from the floor, even if it is flooded.

We have reviewed this 6131T model in great detail here 

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Best Wet only Model: 

Vax W90-RU-B Rapide Ultra

This Vax carpet cleaner is a great step up if you need more powerful cleaning than the 6131T can offer. The W90-RU-B features an upright design that looks more like the traditional vacuum cleaner. However, it is purely a carpet cleaner without dry vacuum functions.

The W90-RU-B Rapide features exclusive Vax Dual V technology that ensures that your carpets are dry to the touch in just a couple of hours. The patented design features two V-shaped channels to ensure powerful suction throughout the entire width of the floorhead, resulting in drier and cleaner carpets.

The Rapide Ultra also has PowerJet technology that powerfully sprays cleaning solution deep into the carpets to loosen deep-seated dirt, as well as a rotating brushbar to dislodge any trapped dirt. In addition to cleaning, the brushbar also grooms the fibers of the carpet as well as lifting the piles to give it a springy, softer feel when you’re walking over it. It comes with a complimentary bottle of Ultra +, Vax’s superior cleaning solution whose formulation is designed to leave no sticky residue after cleaning. And to ensure your peace of mind, the W90-RU-B is protected by a two-year guarantee.

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Best Model for StairsVax V-124A Dual V Upright

The V-124A Dual V features advanced Vax technology to ensure that not only are your carpets cleaner, but your upholstered furniture is as well. The nine meter power cord gives the V-124A a cleaning width of 29 centimeters; coupled with the nearly eight liter tank, you’ll be able to clean for longer periods and over a bigger area before you have to empty and refill the tank. And it is covered by an industry-leading six year UK warranty that gives you an extended period of protection.

The V-124A Dual V features proprietary SpinScrub technology that uses five spinning brushes to gently dislodge deep-seated dirt from the carpet so it can be more easily washed away. And the SpinScrub head has a hand tool attachment that can be used to clean upholstery as well as stairs. Combined with the exclusive Dual V air flow technology in the suction head, the V-124A ensures that you get a superior clean every time.

The carpet cleaner also features the exclusive Automix cleaning system that automatically mixes cleaning solution and water in the right proportions to give you the best results. A complimentary bottle of Vax Ultra carpet and upholstery cleaning solution is included.

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Best for Allergies: Bissell Cleanview Proheat 

The Cleanview Proheat is the ideal choice for allergy sufferers as it has the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, and has been independently tested and proven to reduce common allergens such as pollen, mold spore and pet dander. It is highly recommended for medium- to large-sized homes as it has a cleaning width of thirty-eight centimeters. It also has a range of unique features that make cleaning your carpets easier and more convenient.

To ensure that your carpet is evenly cleaned, the Cleanview Proheat features a built-in water heater with a thermostat system that monitors the temperature of the water as it passes through the cleaner and keeps it at the right temperature. This ensures that the carpet is evenly cleaned.

It also allows you to shift to different types of cleaning with the touch of a switch. The shampooer cleaning head features a spinning powerbrush with six rows of bristles that revolve at a tightly regulated speed to gently rub the cleaning solution into the carpet while parting the pile to allow the solution to penetrate more deeply into the carpet base where the most harmful dirt is embedded. If you need to clean in tight spaces or on upholstery, you can easily switch to the crevice tool or the tough stain brush on the extension hose.

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Lightweight Carpet Washer: Bissell Cleanview Quickwash 

The Cleanview Quickwash provides portability for easier cleaning without sacrificing any of the power or features of other Bissell carpet cleaning models. It is the best choice for small to medium-sized homes since it weighs less than six kilograms and has a 7.6 meter long power cord.

To ensure that your carpet is only touched with clean water, the Cleanview Quickwash features two water tanks. The dirty water is collected in a separate tank to ensure it does not mix with the clean water. The tanks are easy to remove for cleaning. And the tanks feature Microban antibacterial coating to ensure that the device is not infected with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli.

The Cleanview Quickwas features a powerful suction head that sucks up as much water as possible from the carpet during the cleaning process to ensure that it dries in just a few hours, to reduce the disruption in your home. The Cross Action cleaning brush also has a head with a wide path along with edge brushes to ensure that cleaning the carpet goes all the way to the edge so there won’t be a dirty strip where other carpet cleaners cannot reach. And the handy tools dial make it easy to shift from floor cleaning to tool cleaning.

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Easiest to Fill & Empty: Bissell Cleanview Powerbrush

The Powerbrush offers all the benefits you can enjoy from a full-sized carpet cleaner, but in a smaller package. But it still provides the deep-seated cleaning that you expect from Cleanview carpet cleaners.

The Cleanview features a powerbrush with five rows of bristles to intensify its cleaning power. The rotating roller spins the bristles at a carefully-controlled speed to not only loosen deep-seated dirt but ensure the carpet shampoo reaches the base of the carpet where allergens and grime are embedded to help eliminate unpleasant smells. The powerbrush also comes with an extension hose that can easily switch from floor to tool cleaning using the included hand tool accessories.

To ensure that only clean water touches your carpet during the cleaning process, the Powerbrush features a proprietary tank-in-tank system. The inner tank is filled with the cleaning solution mix, and as the water level falls, the tank shrinks so that the dirty water is stored in the outer tank. The twin tanks are conveniently located in the base of the cleaner to lower the center of gravity so that it is easier to maneuver, and has a three position handle with lock-carry-open settings that allow you to easily empty and refill the tanks.

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With Built in Water Heater: Bissell Cleanview Deep Clean

The Deep Clean offers the features of a commercial carpet cleaner in a machine designed for home use. It offers deep-seated cleaning that reaches all the way down to the carpet base to remove embedded dirt and allergens that can result in bad odors.

The Cleanview Deep Clean has a cleaning head with twin brush rollers that each has five rows of bristles. These remove deeply ground-in dirt from your carpet, as well as providing deep-seated cleaning by parting the pile so that the carpet shampoo can penetrate all the way to the base. This helps eliminate odors so that the carpet, and your home, will smell fresh. The Smartmix feature allows you to adjust the concentration of the cleaning mixture based on the area you are cleaning, from Light Cleaning for areas that have light foot traffic to Heavy Traffic that allows you to increase the concentration of carpet shampoo.  And if you end up using too much shampoo, you can use the Water Rinse only feature to dilute it.

The Cleanview Deep Clean also makes carpet cleaning quicker to reduce the disruption in your home by drying the carpet as you clean. Since the machine has a separate water heater, it is free to use the heat produced by the twin motors of the cleaner to the carpet dries more quickly.

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Ideal for the Car: Bissell 22K7E Cleanview Lift Off

This versatile machine allows you to perform two types of cleaning chores – room cleaning and spot cleaning for areas that are difficult to reach.  Its compact design makes it easy to carry around so you can use it to clean stairs and even the upholstery of your car.

The 22K7E has a built-in water heater to keep the water at the proper temperature for cleaning, heating it to as much as 14-degrees F. To ensure the safety of the user, the device will not exceed 82-degrees F. You also have the option to turn off the heater if you are cleaning a delicate carpet that does not require hot water. The heater also has five filtration levels to ensure that the water and the interior components of the cleaner are not contaminated by harmful bacteria.

The cleaning brush features a twin row of bristles to ensure that deep-seated dirt is loosened and removed from the carpet while removing odors, ensuring that your carpet is almost as good as new while keeping your home smelling fresh. And you can do spot cleaning using the flexible five-foot hose which comes with two attachments for cleaning stubborn stains and narrow spaces that are hard to reach.

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The Professional Choice: Rug Doctor X3 Mighty Pro

The Mighty Pro is a machine designed for home use that will clean your carpets to a professional standard. Thus, it should not be surprising that it has gotten the Carpet and Rug Institute’s highest rating. And to ensure that the machine gives you years of use, it is covered by a five-year UK guarantee.

The powerful cleaning brush provides deep cleaning and unparalleled convenience of use. It features three rows of bristles to ensure that the maximum amount of dirt is loosened and removed from the carpet while removing stains. To make it easier to use, the solution pressure injection and brush agitator features can be activated with just one button.  To ensure easy emptying and refilling of the water tank, it has a quick-release latch that allows you to simply remove the eleven-liter tank from the rest of the cleaner.

It also comes with an upholstery kit that features a twelve-inch hose for cleaning your furniture and car upholstery as well as staircases and skirting boards. A complimentary one litre bottle of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent is included at amazon.

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Best All in One Model: Numatic George GVE370

The Numatic George GVE370 provides genuine all-in-one convenience, allowing you to not only deep clean your carpets, but also clean the upholstery and scrub hard floors as well as perform dry vacuuming. The cleaner features the proprietary Numatic TwinFlo motor that provides improved performance as well as quieter operation.

The 100mm nozzle features a variety of head accessories that can be easily swapped based on the cleaning job. The 150mm slide-on brush is used for cleaning upholstery while the 300mm scrub/wet dual pick-up nozzle lets you scrub carpets and floors as well as siphoning water. The 275mm fishtail extraction nozzle allows you to easily do dry vacuuming. And the PowerFlo pump system provides vacuuming power to a professional standard to ensure that your carpets and your home is sparkling clean and free of unpleasant odors as well as allergens that can affect the health of your family.

The large capacity tank has a capacity of nine liters when used in wet mode and fifteen liters when in dry mode. In dry vacuum mode, the cleaner uses HepaFlo dust bags that ensure that your exposure to dust and other pollutants is limited while securely bagging them for later disposal.

The package weighs less than nine kilograms so it can be operated with less user fatigue and comes with a convenient top handle so it can be easily carried around.

Part of the Henry Hoover range and another great model, at a really good price, as you would expect from this UK company.

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Hopefully we have given you a better insight into choosing the best carpet cleaner for your needs. You may also want to check out our other guide specifically for handheld carpet cleaners and spot cleaners.

Carpet cleaning is such a tedious task and if you don’t have the right tool to get the job done, you will exert too much time and effort doing just one job. There are many powerful vacuum cleaners out there but even those that are good enough to clean the rest of your home might not be as effective in cleaning the carpet. Carpet cleaner machines are more than just your traditional vacuum cleaner as it provides a more thorough and deeper cleaning process. When you find the right one, you will surely appreciate how carpet cleaning can be done more swiftly and easily with results that are same as when professionals do the cleaning. Hopefully, our list above gives you an easier time in finding the best carpet cleaner machine for your household and if you have further enquiries, please drop a comment at the bottom of this page. Make sure to come back to our site regularly for more updates!

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